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Quiet by Design

December 20th, 2010

Where have I been?! Where have YOU been?! I’ve been working on grad school applications, if you must know. It’s a complex and nuanced decision (applying, not actually deciding to go), and, being gainfully employed, it’s not for the reasons you may expect. I have an increasingly insatiable interest in design, which seems to be an excellent marriage of my propensities toward the immiscible disciplines of art and science. The conflicting natures of my creative and analytical minds are likely to be the root cause of that which is, at best, my eccentric nature, and at works, my howling lunacy. So the prospect of finding a way for my psyche to peaceably exist in one mind is an alluring one indeed.

And why to I consider design to be just such a uniting force? I’ve spent a lot of and about 2000 words exploring just this question. I’ll spare you the and leave you with my concisely distilled answer:

Design imposes the limits from function on the creativity of form and the creativity of form on the limits of function. What comes out is elegance, both beautiful and purposeful.

Insanity, Ramblings

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