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I am job

October 4th, 2010

I’ve been going through resumes again in a search for a good system operations engineer with mad deployment, automation, and communication skills (on can dream). It astounds me how many resumes aren’t written using proper (or even discernible) grammar. Now I understand the challenges faced by the ESL community of the world, on this front, but I feel like it couldn’t be too hard to have someone with a good sense of English sentence structure do a once (or twice) over to clean things up. Especially if you have sparkling little gems like these:

  • Am superior communication skilled
  • Am good worker at collaboration
  • Have technical experience writing for many levels

I feel like I could/should start up a small service wherein people would send me their resumes for some verbal recalibration. This would be an all around win for the applicant, who would be rendered ostensibly more qualified, the resume comber, who would be spared the brow-furrowing frustration of creatively worded ideas, and me, who would be charging a nominal fee for the aforementioned services. Of course, this would all be at the cost of some pretty amusing resumes which, lets face it, can sometimes help pass the time.


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