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Go be alone somewhere…

September 14th, 2010

I heard some person being interviewed on the radio recently. He was, among other things, a medical doctor turned professional ballet dancer turned Goldman Sachs broker. And, from what I gathered, he was actually good at all these things–not just someone with a healthy dose of ADHD.

Clearly I don’t remember much of what he was being interviewed about, but something he did say struck a chord with me. To paraphrase:

Go where no one else is. That is, instead of clamoring for attention in an overloaded trend, become an expert in something you like that no one else is studying. Your time will come eventually.

I thought that was pretty good advice. Unless you become an expert in type setting or something. To further that line of thought, I offer this corollary:

Go become an expert in something in an area that no one else has focused on…so long as a machine can’t do it better than you.


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