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Hello World

Yes, I’m quite mad… but looking beyond that for a sec… I’m also a developer.  The problem is, I don’t fully understand what that means.  “Well,” you might think, “that’s your problem.”  And since, in all likelihood, I’m talking to no one here but myself, here, your probably right.  I’ll have you know that I’m perfectly content to talk to nothingness, nothingness being a much better at listening than most people.

But just suppose, for a second, that rather than nothingness, you are a sentient entity…moreover…a developer as well.  I’d venture that you and most other developers find your identity equally nebulous.  Perhaps you fancy yourself a java developer, a perl developer, a front-end developer, a software engineer, a web developer, or an architect?  These are some of the many different hats a developer may wear, and the distinctions between them are not always abundantly clear.  The only constant through-out seems to be “developer” or “engineer” which is almost as ill defined as claiming you are a “creator” or a “wizard.”

I find that, with this lack of definition, it is not always clear how to improve.  Furthermore, development can be a way of being, much as an artist will not claim he or she “does” art, but rather, is an artist.  And so it is not even alway clear how a developer is to exist in the ill-defined/imbalanced world of ours.

So, like millions of other before me, I am starting a blog so that I can submit my thoughts and ideas for the world to ignore.  This is, among other things:

  • an attempt to chronicle a developer’s journey through a world that lacks the order and precision.
  • an attempt to lend order to the chaos of social, corporate, academic dynamics.
  • an attempt to discover how to become a better developer

But above all else, this is an attempt to find out how to use semi-colons properly. And so it is with way, WAY too much dramatic flair, that I say:

    System.out.println("hello world");


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